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Metro Dry Cleaners offers fast, reliable and friendly cleaning services. We offer dry cleaning for all types of garments from suits to jeans and laundry service for dress shirts to linens. We offer same day service on garmets that are brought in before 9:00 am. There is not a cleaning job too big or too small for us to handle. Let us take care of your dry cleaning and laundering needs. 


Metro Dry Cleaners uses the most up to date machinery to clean your garments. The word Dry cleaning is used to described a method of cleaning clothes without water. Instead of water we use a chemical solvent that gently removes the unwanted scents and stains from your clothing. 


Our laundry machines use the most effective filtration devices and a mixture of detergents in order to make sure your dress shirts are presentable.


We offer on site tailoring.  Bring in your clothes that do not fit properly and we will make sure that they do. Our professional tailor will make sure that your clothes are measured and cut to perfection.

Fine linen and Comforters

Everyone needs a good night sleep. What better way to get a good nights rest than on clean linen and comforter. We will make sure that your linens are bright and white and your comforters are soft and fluffy. Enjoy a good nights sleep on linen and comforters that are clean.  


We know that your bridal gowns and vitage clothes have a lot of sentimental value and needs to be handled with the utmost care. We have over twenty years of dry cleaning and laundry service for delicate garments. Bring in your Bridal garments and we will make sure they are handled with care and placed in presentable display boxes that you may store your items with comfort.


Leather and Fur garments are very delicate items that need to be handled with care. Let us take care of your delicate garments and make sure that your Leather and Fur garments look they way they are intended to look.  

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